One of the advantages of the service Fulgor'e provides is that, in addition to the line of murals which we have on catalogue, we produce special exclusive designs made to order in smaller or larger sizes, as long as they don't exceed the size of our furnace and machinery.


We can produce murals stamped with any kind of theme required by our clients, whether antique or contemporary in style, following the style of any artistic movements, showing any variety of flora and fauna, religious or sporting motifs, or an endless variety of themes according to the interests of each client, including business logos.


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Our product is made with a mixture of sulfates, carbonates, polymers, natural fibers, artificial and special additives; the mineral materials are natural, inert and fireproof.



Acrylic resins, epoxy, polyurethane and polyester.



The body of the module is thermal, acoustic and fireproof.


The coefficient of heat penetration makes it warm and technically perfect.


Our product, with its power of absorption, avoids the phenomena of surface condensation and moisture from the walls.


Our product works as a hydrometric regulator and maintains the moisture balance in the environment.


It is lightweight and easy to place on any type of existing walls.



The standard size of the decorative wall murals consists of 16 modules of 15.7 x 23.6 inches, for a total size of 5.2 x 7.8 feet, covering an area of 40 square feet approx, with a thickness of .60 to 2 in.

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